Overwhelmed by technology...

Want to make Sense out of Technology Nonsense?

  • Using “human speak”, Tech Interpreters are here to help individuals, small groups and small business to solve Technology frustrations - no questions are too basic.
  • Tech Interpreters work with your platform, tools, features and applications.
  • Customized appointments and sessions enhance client success.


Tech Interpreter Services:

Customized Appointments

  • Private sessions targeted to Answer Your Questions.
  • Help with Your Technology Device Features.

seminars / training sessions

  • Designed for Small Group or Small Business.
  • Work with the clients to identify questions.
  • Targeted training developed to address solutions.


Looking for an informative but lively program for your group?

We’re prepared to work with your planning team to identify a presentation style and topic that will add to your agenda.


Technology Interpreters

& Visual Storytellers

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Committed to improving your "TechKnowledgy"

We Are...

Technology coaches that target learning to empower clients use of their mobile devices. Clients utilizing their own technology with sessions based on their questions, feel success with their devices and gain self confidence and motivation to explore  21st century mobile technology.


Our Mission Is..

To improve their client’s technology environments. The following describes some examples of how technology tools can become helpful “personal assistants”. The ability to manage lives with digital tools such as internet searches, calendars and note taking tools can be invaluable. Being able to connect with colleagues, friends and family with photos, messages and video conferencing enables work and family interactions over time and distance. Access to digital movies, television, sports, books, magazines, etc expands information and entertainment to meet interests and schedules while being affordable. Applications that address health and exercise are abundant. Digital applications enhance contact with health care providers and health information, programs for healthy lifestyles and personal well being can extend the overall health and opportunities to maintain independence.

Our Clients Are..

Individuals and small businesses who have unique questions about the use and value of 21st century technologies such as smartphones, tablets, iphones, ipads and laptop computers. No question or use issue is too basic to be addressed. Clients experience how digital devices can change their lives, as their personal comfort with technology improves. Let us take the technology nonsense out of your situation.

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Tech Interpreters

Your Partner for 21st Century Technology Solutions


"There was a good balance of information and application time. The instructor modified the content based on the interest of the participants. Activities encouraged skill building and inquiry, examples provided enhanced your understanding of how to apply Google to your instruction."

- Anonymous

"I will be using this information to create materials for the new class I am teaching and utilize the digital collaboration tools to improve my connections to teachers."

- Anonymous

"Great group collaboration, sharing different knowledge and experience."

- Anonymous

"It's been great so far!"

"I wish all of my peers could take this workshop!"

"Informative and hands on!! Thank you!"

"Thanks for sharing and TEACHING in such an understandable way. Always learning, that's my motto."

- Workshop Comments

"I enjoyed this class, learned a lot, would take the class again. Thank you!"

- Anonymous

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